Flying Colors Canvas

artist bio


Amy Heimermann, acrylic & oil pastel artist – I have a crush on color! I love the way it interacts with light and shape. I love the emotion that different colors evoke. I am moved by it –fascinated by it.

I choose to work in acrylic because it allows me to create shape and texture quickly, whether on canvas or panel. The addition of oil pastel is always exciting to me as it brings such a fanciful and vibrant depth to the piece. It's messy, too. Any piece of mine that's worth its salt must create some sort of respectable mess, in my opinion. It's quite satisfying!

My work reflects how I see the beautiful, colorful things in this world. I often close my eyes to explore how my mind's eye remembers something and then paint from that inspiration. A piece doesn't feel finished to me until it takes the viewer somewhere inside of themselves: to a place that makes them smile, sometimes cry, but always feel deeply.

Amy Heimermann – Atlanta, Georgia-born singer/actress turned interior designer – never imagined herself as an artist of the paint and easel variety. But after spending several years lovingly curating the original art consigned in her home furnishings store and art gallery in Nashville, Tennessee, the desire to express her passion for beauty and design through visual art took hold.

On a voyage of discovery, Heimermann began experimenting with acrylic, oil pastel, watercolor and foils on a variety of surfaces. Finding that her design prowess lent her art a great cleverness in the use of color, she launched into using imagination to visualize her subjects from reality onto the canvas with color as her guide. It's clear that Heimermann has a crush on color! To quote her, "I love seeing something beautiful and then closing my eyes to explore the way my mind's eye remembers it. From there it flows through the brush to the canvas the way this colorful world offers it and the way my eyes see it." 

Recently a Minneapolis, Minnesota transplant, Heimermann's work has been featured in local art exhibitions, galleries, private showings, residential design and staging, promotional installations and juried art events. Her work is owned by art lovers across the United States.